Easy Protector Term Insurance Plan

Easy Protector Term Insurance Plan

Worry free and all-rounded protection


Everyone has different burdens and responsibilities throughout various stages of life. It is never too early to work out a comprehensive protection so as to ensure that your family will not be financially stressed should something unexpected happen to you. To cater for your needs, Tahoe Life’s Easy Protector Term Insurance Plan (the “Plan”) offers pure life protection at an affordable premium, which enables your family to live with peace of mind.


Two payment terms and benefit terms at choice

The Plan provides two payment terms and benefit terms: 5 years and 10 years, flexible to meet your protection needs.

Affordable premium

You can enjoy life protection at affordable premium. In the unfortunate event of the death of the insured, the designated beneficiary will receive a death benefit which is equivalent to 100% of the sum assured.

Guaranteed renewal before the age of 85 of the insured

The Plan is guaranteed to be renewed1 upon the end of each benefit term up to age 85 of the insured. The renewal premium will be determined according to the attained age of the insured and the prevailing premium rate at the time of renewal, and will remain unchanged throughout the benefit term of renewal.

Simplified underwriting, no medical examination

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  1. The term of any such renewal will be the original term of the Plan or, if shorter, the number of years to the policy anniversary date on or immediately following the insured's 85th birthday.